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Fragrances for free spirits and art lovers, inspired by the artists themselves and their bohemian lifestyles.

Brand Manifest

Artists. Visionaries who fight for future realities, who dream of a different present.
You who cannot live if not liberated.
You who drown when submerged in social norms, dogmas, economic interests, vulgarity…
You who take as brothers and sisters those who fight to live their life in a constant creative process.
You whose prints last in time, who will forge paths towards a better world.
You who, armed with brush and pen, chisel and torch, music and movement, fight to preserve truth and beauty.
You who reveal everything that would silence you for what it is and have the courage to reject it.

Geniuses, let us approach you. We want to breathe you in, coat ourselves in your spirit in order to become a part of your universe.
Let us smell your hands, your studios, your raw materials and tools.
Let us be inspired by that which inspires you and let our imagination take flight so that we can understand your genius.
Let us share the smells that make up your world with the same generosity with which you share your art.
Let us accompany you on your journey, without limits, our faces turned to the wind, driven by the desire to create.

Genyum is the scent that inspires us.

We contribute to the environmental stability of our planet

Our commitment to people and the planet is a principle that governs our lives and our work. We can’t imagine contributing to the environmental stability of our planet in any other way.

We are mindful of this when we create our scents. We follow strict standards regarding sustainability, ethics, transparency in production and supply chain while developing them.

Safety And Supply

Safety and supply

Our scents are safe for you and for the environment. The ingredients we use primarily come from nature. Occasionally, out of respect for nature, we turn to synthetic sources that recreate components from the animal world that allow us to unfurl a marvellous range of possibilities to create new perfumes.
Our fragrances do not contain any of the following ingredients



The ingredients we use are grown, harvested, extracted and created under sustainable conditions.



All our partners follow Good Manufacturing Process standards, complying with proper working conditions and paying fair wages.

Animal Cruelty Free

Animal Cruelty Free

Our scents and their ingredients are not tested on animals.


About the founder

Genyum was born in a sculptor’s studio, a space in which examples of the strength of raw materials and the taming of the sculpted form abound. Iron, copper, metals tamed by fire, guided by the artist’s skilful hand. These surroundings speak to us of the process by which a work of art is created, a process containing the essence, the final intent. It is from this essence that GENYUM perfumes are born.

Anna Torrents’ passion for the olfactory world is an inherent part of her nature.
Her curiosity about the world of art, one that has always run in the family, has drawn her so close to artists that she has been able to feel and capture the scents that emanate from their creative spaces, to observe their rituals and that fetishism that stimulates them. She has been able to live and feel like them, breathing in the smell of their workshops.

Anna Torrents

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